Where do we have NVMe Servers?

NVMe is a way of packaging a Solid State Drive (SSD) memory architecturally closer to the controller chip. It means that disk performance is improved more than 10x compared to standard SSD drives. Disk performance is a very important factor of website performance - with many web applications requiring hundreds of disk reads per page load. Even very small improvements in disk performance can accumulate to a big difference in page loading time.

We are pleased to say that new shared/reseller hosting signups in every location except S America are using NVMe! In S America we use proprietary Google Persistent Disk storage and Vultr SSD which is still extremely performant.

The full list of locations where we have NVMe live is: UK (London), Europe (Frankfurt and Amsterdam), East Coast USA (NYC, Virginia, Washington), West Coast USA (LA, San Francisco, Oregon), India (Mumbai, although capacity is limited), Singapore and Australia (Sydney).

For dedicated hosting signups we can support NVMe in all the above locations and many more around the world, building a custom server to your requirements. In some locations the stock we have available changes quite frequently, but typically Vultr High Frequency and Digital Ocean NVMe systems are available to order at any time. Please contact us and we can advise and build a quote.