Email Limits

On our shared and reseller hosting we apply some high limits to prevent abuse of the system affecting other users.

These are

  • Each cPanel account can send a maximum of 100 emails per hour, which can be increased to 1000/hr on request. Our system is not designed for bulk mailing. You should use a bulk mailing provider like mailgun, or newsletter software like CampaignMonitor or Mailchimp.

  • You can have as many mailboxes as you like. However we recommend mailboxes are capped at a 10GB limit. The reason for that is that we offer unlimited NvME/SSD disk space, backed up multiple times day. We do have a fair usage policy which we will enact if we consider you to be using a larger amount of disk resources than suitable for shared hosting (typically a single cPanel over 50GB within a reseller of 350GB+)