Site Migrations

We make moving your site over to Stablepoint a very simple process because we offer a full migration service. After signing up for your hosting package, we will just need your existing hosting login details and we can then copy across the data from your old host.

If you're from another provider that uses cPanel, we can take a full cPanel backup and import that to our systems.
This will bring across your site files, databases, emails and anything else under the hosting account.

If you're with a hosting provider that doesn't use cPanel, we will manually copy over your site files and databases. It is still possible to copy of your email data, but you will need to recreate your mailboxes in the cPanel with us, and then use the Email migration tool to copy over the contents of the mailboxes from your old host. We will be happy to assist with that at any stage.

The final step for the migration is to preview your website. Once you've checked that things are looking OK, you then just update the nameservers to point the domain name to your hosting with us:-


This step is done with your domain registrar - if your domain is elsewhere, just login to their panel and update the nameservers from there. If your domain is with us, you can do this in or we can do this for you - just let us know in a support ticket.