Firewall IP Block

In certain circumstances, if you are unable to access your website, email or cPanel, it's possible you've been inadvertently blocked by the firewall on your server. First thing's first - check to see that you're able to access other websites without a problem. If you are able to access those, then please check if you can access - it is also a good idea to check to ensure there are no known issues or ongoing maintenance that might affect your ability to reach your site.

If you are still unable to determine why you're not able to access your website, please raise a support ticket or chat and include your IP address you're accessing from. We'll be able to unblock you from the server firewall (if you have been blocked) and also determine why the IP was blocked. Normally when we see this it's due to a number of incorrect login attempts, and the IP has been blocked under the bruteforce rules.