What is the average server specification?

Stablepoint uses a range of different server specifications, primarily based on demand in a specific location or region. Our typical shared hosting server has at least 32 cores, 32GB of RAM and 1TB+ of SSD (usually NVMe) disk space. We manage capacity to ensure that servers are well matched to the work loads they are handling, but if you're ever seeing slow performance or other issues with your server, please get in contact to discuss further.

Server Load
One other aspect of this is reading or interpreting the server load. Server load is not an absolute measurement but a relative measurement of processes using or waiting for an available CPU core. Generally speaking, we would expect the server load level to be 0.75-1x the number of CPU cores on a system. Under high traffic loads, this may peak to up to 2x the number of CPU cores, but this is transient and is not something you would normally expect on a Stablepoint server.