How long does it take to set up my account?

Shared Web Hosting
Once you've ordered and the payment is confirmed on your hosting package, the set up time is virtually instant. You'll receive a welcome email with details on how to get started and log-in to your hosting control panel area. This is where you can start uploading files, installing WordPress or managing other aspects of your account like setting up emails. If for any reason you don't receive a confirmation email or you cannot login within an hour, please get in touch with our support team.

There can be a slight delay in being able to visit your website after getting set up though - this is what's called DNS Propagation. DNS propagation is where you have registered new domain, or have pointed a domain to a new place and DNS servers around the internet are updating their records of where the domain points to. Generally speaking, this can take a few hours to go through after making a change although sometimes it can take up to 24.

Dedicated Servers
Dedicated servers involve a certain amount of bespoke configuration, so we generally recommend allowing up to 24 hours for provisioning and to ensure everything is set up and configured to your needs.