Previewing websites

Whether we just migrated your website to ourselves, or you just want to develop a website without making it live right away as you work on it, here are a few tips that will show you how to see the website without it actually being live from ourselves yet. Included will be instructions for every popular OS currently in use.

Quick preview in browser

We have created a tool you can use to preview your site quickly without setting up the above. You will need to go here:

You only need to enter your domain name, the tool will automatically pick up which server your website is on. However if there is any error or if you have your domain name added to multiple servers from us, you might want to untick the box "Lookup IP against nameservers" and enter the IP manually in the second field.

Windows 10

You will need to open Notepad using administrator priviledges, you can easily do that with the search function. Type Notepad -> Right click on it -> choose "Run as administrator"; like so: