Choosing a server location

Stablepoint is able to offer you the opportunity to host your website in many locations around the world. By offering cPanel in more locations than any other provider, we can offer an easy managed hosting experience - where we manage the hosting services, backups and monitoring leaving you to upload your website and go.

On our reseller plans we have 6 regions available. On our standard web hosting we have 12 regions available.

On our dedicated servers we also add the ability to deploy to Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services. This opens up potentially 80+ different locations we can deploy websites to.

Why does location matter?

Firstly, the most important point is website performance. By placing your website geographically as close to the bulk of your site visitors, you'll find their website browsing experience of your site is significantly improved. There are figures out there that suggest that conversion rates are significantly better for faster loading sites, and many visitors will click away (bounce) from your site if your site loads altogether too slowly. If you want to target a mainly UK audience, hosting your site in the UK is therefore the best option for you, whereas if you wanted to target users in the East then perhaps Singapore is the best option for your site.

Secondly, the other important benefit of placing your site is an aspect of search engine optimisation (SEO). Google likes to give users somewhat curated results for searches that they make and as such will tend to rank sites that are hosted 'locally' for that user higher than those that are hosted elsewhere. So a site hosted in Europe will tend to rank higher for Google searchers searching from France than a site in the USA, and vice versa.

What location should I choose?

Choose the location closest to the majority of your customers. Our highest specificiation servers are available in

Region NameIncluded LocationsTypical customer area
LondonLondon.UK, Europe and North America. Global.
USA. East Coast.NYC, Washington DC. Also Toronto (sorry, Canada!)North America, UK, Europe. Global
USA. West CoastSan Francisco, DallasNorth America, Central America, South America, Asia
EuropeFrankfurt, AmsterdamEurope, UK, Africa, Middle East
SingaporeSingaporeAsia, Global
IndiaBangalore, MumbaiIndia

Common questions

Here are the answers to common questions we get:

Q. What is the best location for...
A. Choose the location closest geographically to the majority of your users. All the hubs we offer servers in are well connected. If your users are spread out throughout the whole globe, we tend to recommend NYC or London as locations.

Q. Can I choose a specific city or infrastructure provider...
A. No. We choose the best location for hardware, reliability, and performance. If you need more granular controls you should choose a dedicated server which we can deploy in the datacentre of your choice.