Banned countries

As you may know there are a few countries which are restricted by the US Export restriction laws. For instance our top providers: Linode, Digital Ocean, Amazon, Google - they are all based in the US and their laws apply to our servers as well, regardless of the location of the data centre.

For these countries we cannot guarantee that you will be able to view your websites on our servers without a VPN to another non-sanctioned country ~ and also we can NOT issue free SSLs for.

  • AF Afghanistan
  • CU Cuba
  • ER Eritrea
  • GN Guinea
  • IR Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • KP Korea, Democratic People's Republic of
  • LR Liberia
  • North Cyprus
  • SD Sudan
  • SL Sierra Leone
  • SS South Sudan
  • SY Syrian Arab Republic
  • ZW Zimbabwe

If you are a resident of the above mentioned countries please keep the above mentioned in mind, we recommend pursuing local providers to ensure the best service for your websites.