Can resellers set their own LVE Limits?

LVE Limits are CloudLinux limits that define how many resources each cPanel account can use. On our Reseller hosting we offer different tiers of the LVE limits per reseller account as follows:

Go ResellerUnlimited ResellerPremium Unlimited Reseller
RAM per cPanel2GB2GB4GB
CPU per cPanel2 vCPU2 vCPU2 vCPU
Entry Processes303030
LVE ManagerDisabledDisabledEnabled

These limits are set for every cpanel account in your reseller unless you modify the settings in your LVE Manager account.

LVE Manager

LVE Manager allows you to set limits per cPanel account within your reseller. This is a facility we allow on our Premium Reseller only.

Please note that the maximum you can set per cPanel is 4GB (your package limit). If you set the limit higher it will be automatically reverted.