Manually installing software

All website software is designed to be manually installed. In the case of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) software such as WordPress, Magento & Joomla, there is a fairly standard installation process which you can follow when installing this software.

First, you must download the version of the software from your software provider. We suggest the latest stable version. You should also check the server requirements. If the software requires a specific PHP version, you can adjust this in cPanel.

Second, you should upload the installation files to the location in your webspace where you want the files. If this is in your main domain home directory (at you should upload them to public_html. We recommend using FTP/SFTP.

Third, the software will almost always include an install file. When you go to this install file (the location of which will vary on the software) in your web browser, you will be prompted for further information. If your software does not have an install file, then instead it will have a configuration file which you can edit and location - the same information will need to be entered there.

Fourth, you need to enter the database credentials. You should create a database and user in cPanel, and those details should be entered here. Note that the server hostname will almost always be locahost.

Once saved, the software install is likely complete and is ready to use.