SSL Certificates

All Stablepoint hosting packages come with fully automated, entirely free SSL certificates.

These certificates are provided by the Sectigo certificate authority, or in some cases Lets Encrypt.

The certificate installation and issuance process is entirely automated - once your site/domain is active on our servers, our systems will automatically request a certificate and install it on your behalf.

This will mean that works with the padlock icon in the browser.

Sometimes this can take a few hours to go through, but generally speaking the process is very quick and requires no intervention from you.

Force a Manual SSL Install

You can force a manual SSL run to install the SSL in cPanel. Click 'SSL/TLS Status' and then click 'Run AutoSSL'

Common Errors

Some things can prevent the issuance of automated SSL certificates though.

Domains need to point to us for the SSL to work.

The second thing that can prevent SSL issuance in some circumstances, is if you have some rewrite rules in your .htaccess file that prevent HTTP validation of your domain. The solution to this is to use DNS validation (point your nameservers directly to Stablepoint) or to add an exclusion rule for any requests to the /.well-known sub-directory in your public_html.