cPanel Transfers

cPanel allows backups to be transferred between servers and restored as-is. This means that we can take a cPanel backup from your old hosting provider, and restore it to our servers.

This is something that we must do for you as the cPanel restore functionality requires root access. As we provide fully managed hosting, we do not provide root access.

Our migrations team can handle cPanel migrations for you at any time.

Requesting cPanel Transfers

You can request a cPanel transfer by creating a support ticket in our client area.

There are two ways of requesting moves

  1. Provide us with access to your existing cPanel account (or WHM account if a reseller). Let us know which accounts to transfer.

  2. Generate a full backup on your existing cPanel account and upload it to webspace with us. You can use the cPanel inbuilt SFTP/FTP option to transfer the backup. Then let us know the location.