Discounts and Promo Codes

Stablepoint pricing is extremely competitive, but we have discounts and promotions available which can help you to get on board with us.

Money Back Guarantee

We have a Money-Back Guarantee which applies to new shared and reseller orders with Stablepoint.

Discounts for Larger Billing Periods.

We provide significant discounts if you commit for a longer period than just monthly.

For example, if you pay yearly, you usually get the equivalent of two months free. For example:

Here is our Unlimited Reseller pricing in monthly and annual form.

CurrencyMonthly PriceAnnual PriceAnnual Price per Month

Promotional Discounts

From time to time we offer discounts and promotions on our services. You may find these online, in advertising, or on our website.

Well done for finding this page -- you can also use one of the following:

MOVEME - This will give you 90% off the first month.
AWESOME - This will give you 20% off a yearly order.


Note that we also have a free migration service, which can make it very straightforward to transfer your websites over to Stablepoint. Read more about our migration process in this article.