Upgrading and Downgrading

We want to make it as easy as possible to move between packages. We do not want to penalise you for starting with a smaller package and upgrading as you require more resources.

In general, we can easily upgrade and downgrade you between packages as long as they of the same category (e.g. shared hosting, reseller hosting, servers).

How to upgrade

You can upgrade at any time by raising a ticket with our support team in your client area. Automation for these upgrades is coming soon.

We will charge the pro rata difference in price.

In most cases an upgrade is automatic - the limits are just soft limits. For example if you upgraded from our Go plan to our Starter plan this is a simple change and results in no disruption in downtime. Equally, migrating between any of our Reseller plans results in no downtime or disruption. Upgrading or downgrading a server requires a simple reboot we can do at any time.

Moving between shared and reseller hosting

We can add reseller privileges to a shared account. However there is no way for us to merge multiple cPanel accounts into one account, or to split one cPanel account into multiple accounts.

Upgrading to a server

If your site has reached the level of traffic or importance that it requires a dedicated server, we would be delighted to handle this for you. Our systems team will take care of the move and upgrade for you seamlessly. We would generally recommend ordering a new server here and then we will handle the migration.


Downgrades can be done at any time. However please note we will not credit you back for unused time on the higher plan. Our pricing per period scales down the longer you commit. If you think you will only need a higher plan for a shorter period, please choose our monthly billing cycle.