How to set up custom nameservers

You can set up custom nameservers to use on our reseller hosting. One set of nameservers can be used on multiple reseller accounts and dedicated servers with Stablepoint.


All Stablepoint hosting is whitelabel and we provide whitelabel nameservers in your welcome email which you can use. We don't provide them in this guide as they might be search engine indexed. Custom nameservers allow you to 'brand' your nameservers beyond this.

  1. With your domain name registrar, you will need to set up glue records to point to our IPs. If we are your domain name registrar, we can do this for you.
Glue RecordNameserver IP
  1. Once you've set up the glue records, step 2 is to set them up on our end. You need to add A records for the above IPs.

You can go to cPanel > Zone Editor and you will need to add: A A A A

  1. Then can make the change to use those custom Nameservers by default for the DNS zone here, under the WHM (in the search field go to Basic WebHost Manager Setup -> Choose Explicitly Set the Nameservers -> Save).