Server Specification

As of March 2022 we are upgrading all hardware we provision new accounts to high specification NvME servers with AMD EPYC CPUs. As a result of this performance boost we are also increasing resource allowances on all accounts. Full details of these changes are included below.

Server Choices

We can offer our high specification NVME hosting in the following locations:

  • US-West
  • US-East
  • London
  • Singapore
  • India
  • Europe

We can offer additional locations on our shared hosting plans and on dedicated servers though these may not be at this high specification. We strongly recommend choosing one of the above locations when ordering.

We use a mixture of cloud infrastructure providers and we choose the best provider based on performance and reliability. You cannot choose a more specific location or provider. If you choose Europe you may be in Frankfurt or Amsterdam; in US-East you may be in New York City or Washington DC. If you need a more granular choice you should opt for a dedicated server.

Service Specification

All servers are provisioned indentically and while they may vary slightly, include:

  • NvME Volumes
  • CloudLinux 8
  • Redundant RAID Storage
  • Offsite Backups
  • 10GBIT+ Network
  • LiteSpeed
  • Imunify360
  • Softaculous Pro
  • SitePad
  • Anycast DNS
  • Inline DDOS protection (although we do not protect clients against DDOS attacks and may take sites offline if they are under attack).

On these servers our default CloudLinux limits (per cPanel) are:

  • Up to 4GB RAM depending on package
  • Up to 2 vCPU depending on package
  • IO - Between 20MB/S and 100MB/S depending on package
  • Iops - Between 1024 and 5200 depending on package.

Existing Clients on Older Servers

We will be upgrading all clients to this new hardware if not already updated. We will be in touch to arrange the move, or clients can get in touch in advance to request the update.

If an existing client wishes to migrate more websites to our hosting, the reseller account will need to be moved to the new hardware first.

LVE Manager

LVE Manager will be available on Premium Resellers only by default. It will not be available on any other reseller packages. If a reseller sets the limit higher than the package allows (4GB) it will be automatically reduced.

Mailing Limits

By default each cPanel account has a mailing limit of 100 emails per hour.

On request we can increase this to 1000 emails per hour. Beyond that we recommend a mass mailing solution such as mailgun or MailChimp.

Unlimited Disk Space

We are extremely generous with disk space and offer an unlimited web hosting experience on some of our packages. On these packages we do not limit disk space as long as the space is used for websites and not for archive or storage of data.

At some stage a site outgrows shared hosting and we do have a fair usage policy. If your whole account is larger than 250GB we will get in touch and assist you in reducing usage of any cPanel account greater than 50GB. We can offer you alternatives that are more suitable, or may be able to allow you to purchase additional space at the cost of $0.30c per GB per month.

This supersedes any other usage limits such as mail quotas.