Domain Transfers

Transferring a domain to Stablepoint is a very easy process. However if you need any help or get stuck at any point please remember we are here to help - just get in touch and we can assist at any point in the process. The domain transfer method is slightly different depending on the domain extension (e.g. com, .net, because they are handled by different registry organisations.

Whatever the domain, the first step is to place your domain transfer order through our order form.

In the main, there are two main branches:

.uk domain transfers

.uk domains (,,, .uk) are free to transfer in. This means you do not pay when you checkout with a .uk transfer in your cart through Stablepoint. The expiry date of your domain remains the same when you transfer a domain in and so your renewal becomes due on the same date as before, it's just that you'll pay Stablepoint to renew the domain instead of your old provider.

To transfer the domain, please order the transfer through here.

Once you've ordered the domain, you then just need to ask your existing provider to change the IPS tag to


.uk transfers are generally very fast (usually less than an hour). Once the transfer completes, the domain will show as 'active' in your Client area under 'Domains'. From here you can then set the nameservers to point to Stablepoint. Our nameservers are:-


GTLD (.com, .net, .org, and most others)
Most other domains are considered 'GTLDs' - this is short for 'Global Top Level Domains', so are not country specific. The transfer process for these domains is slightly different and relies on an authorization code or EPP key. When you order a GTLD transfer, you pay the same as a 1 year registration or renewal because as part of the transfer process, an additional year is added on to the domain expiration date.

The steps to transfer a GTLD domain are:

- Step 1 - Unlock the domain name with your current provider(usually called Registrar Lock) ;

- Step 2 - Obtain the EPP key (sometimes called an authorization code) from your current provider ;

- Step 3 - Order the domain transfer from Stablepoint : My Services->Domain Names->Add New ;

- Step 4 - Once the order is paid for, you'll receive an email to the admin contact on the domain you're transferring. There'll be a link to click and this is where you need to approve the domain transfer to Stablepoint.

- Step 5 - Once you've approved the transfer, it can take several days for the transfer to go through (depending on the registry it's coming from), but you'll receive an email from Stablepoint once the transfer is completed.

If you're using a country specific domain name extension, feel free to contact us for more information about how you can bring it over.