Can't login to cpanel from windows 11 machine

I cannot login to cpanel from my Windows 11 machine. Same url and account credentials work fine on my Windows 10 machine. Get the error "A network error occurred during your login request. Please try again. If this condition persists, contact your network service provider." on Windows 11. Have tried various url alternatives, ie. server url, domain url. Nothing works - always the same issue. It's not VPN, it's not the firewall, the IP is not blacklisted. It's not the browser, as same error happens in Edge, Firefox, and Chrome. It's obviously something Windows 11, but what!? Google search is no help! Any ideas anyone? TIA.

s517.sgp8: The server was down for more than 4 hours

Currently, many of our websites have been down for more than 4 hours. No one responded to the ticket I sent. Can anyone tell me what's going on? How long will it take for this issue to be resolved?

Registrar Tag

Hi, I need the Registrar tag, so I can move a domain name from another host to here?


Hi, Do you support Blazor and .Net Core running on Linux

Docker support?

Do any of your hosting plans allow for docker support?

what is a support pin

what is a support pin

Enabling files to be downloaded

I need to host files on my site that a customer or myself can access and download from anywhere simply by typing in the address bar, my website name followed by filename, so it triggers that file to download, but nothing I do works. Is there a special directory files need to be in to be able to be downloaded, and what is it please?

Stablepoint namesevers not working

Currently, my domain does not point to stablepoint everywhere. People and customer support say “it just needs time” but I suspect that is not the case. After week after week (now a month) my hypothesis is that there’s a system in place to prevent domains who don’t have a plan from using their namesevers. Maybe my request to change domains before I had this problem was not done properly. Or it could be because of the TTL thing and it being set with a long time; I’m an amateur and I’m clueless. They have nice customer support but I am growing impatient to their services. Hope they fix this problem quickly.

Will Stablepoint web hosting provide LiteSpeed Memcached in the near future?

Hello there, Many cloud hosting providers, in my experience, supply LiteSpeed Memcached ( to their customers. I don't think it's a technique problem for Stablepoint to take it into consideration, especially since a well-known hosting (B-i-l-), which is blurred to avoid misunderstanding, deploys it to its users about one month after feature requests. Regards, Jason

Got a cool website? Show us!

Show off the websites you run and link to them here. I run a sister company to Stablepoint - []( We specialize in WordPress maintenance!